Sign of The Whale 

by Jimmy McAleavey. Photo Ciaran Bagnall 


I work with individual writers at many different points in their process. It can be very light involvement such as  reading your work and having one feedback session to being part of your funding application and support you through a full development phase, including working with actors at the right point for you. 

The support I provide is as versatile as there are writers. The first thing you can expect is me trying to fully understand what it is you need at this particular time, for the particular play and idea you are working on. 

Very often a play will require many different phases, and funders to get to production. I have seen plays through the whole way, across different project funding, and I have been part of only one particular part of the journey. The most ideal situation is to start having conversations early on as that is the way I can make a real impact on how much time and effort it might take you to get to your goal. 

I am happy to engage with you to see if, how and when you might want dramaturgical conversations.  If there is a director attached to the project I would work closely with them as well as yourself. 

If you are running programmes for writers or artists are are interested in me facilitating or contributing to it, please go to the Artists' Development section.


"Thanks again for your help, it was a lovely gentle, nurturing, inspiring first experience with actors reading my work aloud - thanks so much."

First Time Playwright - development process with script consultation and a day with actors.