hanna slättne
hanna slättne
Dramaturg, Theatremaker, Facilitator

Production Dramaturgy

I am an experienced production dramaturg working in new writing, devising and in dance. 
The role of the production dramaturg differs across processes.  It varies in a new writing process if, for example, there are times the writer cannot be in rehearsals. My job also changes depending on who the director or the choreographer is, what their needs are and how they work. I provide a highly informed extra pair of eyes. I aim to understand the vision of the director as well as the writer, or the company vision. As one director put it - “I can play around and explore and make a mess in rehearsals, as I know Hanna is there and will put us back on track”.  
During the busy production phase, I am there to support the director by working with the writer to ensure that the writer feels heard. I am also there to support the director's vision by being part of any aspects of the production that change meanings on stage - not simply text but all elements such as design, light, sound and costume. 

Here are some examples of my work: 



In 2010 Tinderbox created a unique new writing ensemble for nine weeks of rehearsals to create 3 pieces of new writing under the title TRUE NORTH. Patrick Buchanan, Laura Hughes, Claire Lamont, Ivan Little, Paul Mallon and Tara Lynne O’Neill performed new plays by writers John McCann, Colin Bell and David Ireland.Directed by Michael Duke, Des Kennedy and Kathleen Akerley, with lighting and set design by Ciaran Bagnall, the three plays opened successive nights and ran in rep at the Crescent Arts Centre, and culminated in the performance of all three plays in one day as a special event for the Ulster Bank Belfast Festival at Queens. 

I was the dramaturg on all three plays, working with the different director and writer teams to ensure each writer’s vision was honoured and working with the design and production team to help create a sense of one event, one season. 

David Ireland’s play Everything Between Us went on to win the Meyer Whitworth Award 2011 and the 2011 Stewart Parker Trust BBC Radio Drama Award.

Colin Bell’s play God’s Country was awarded the 2010 Ulster Bank Belfast Festival at Queens Audience Award

“There is a shared urgency and vision to the panels of this post-Troubles triptych….acutely contemporary parallels….flashes of razor sharp wit”  (Culture NI)

The Cleanroom by John McCann. Photo Neil Harrison

TRUE NORTH ENSEMBLE, Tinderbox Theatre Company



Produced by Shannon Yee, Touring internationally since 2016

Reassembled, Slightly Askew is an autobiographical, audio-based artwork about Shannon’s experience of falling critically ill with a rare brain infection and her journey of rehabilitation with an acquired brain injury. Audience members experience Reassembled... individually, listening to the audio via headphones, while lying on a hospital bed. The audio technology makes the sound three-dimensional, causing listeners to feel they are inside Shannon’s head, viscerally experiencing her descent into coma, brain surgeries, early days in the hospital, and re-integration into the world with a hidden disability. It is a new kind of storytelling, never done before about this topic, that places the listener safely in the first-person perspective to increase empathy and understanding--it's one step better than walking in someone's shoes, it's living in someone else's head. 




This work has won many awards, and my work on it earned me a special commendation at the 2017 Elliott Hayes Award. 



Reassembled, Slightly Askew 

Video focussing on the dramaturg’s role on this unique production



Choreography Eileen McClory 

CUCK is a political, raw and fast paced assault on the senses. It's a dance show about the dark heart of the far right. CUCK is a collaboration between choreographer Eileen McClory, me as the dramaturg Hanna and dancers Ryan O’Neill and Vasiliki Stasinaki. This ground breaking new piece of work was created in five days and as part of the Tinderbox Theatre Company Ignition initiative.  

“Tinderbox have created an accessible piece of dance theatre… that tapped into my inner emotions...  It’s agile, it’s risky and incredibly satisfying.”  (Alan in Belfast)



Directed by Patrick J O'Reilly, produced by Tinderbox Theatre Company

Hiatus was a collaboration between 4 writers and two dramaturgs from Northern Ireland and Croatia: John McCann, Jonathan Bailie, Vedrana Klepica and Ivor Martinic. The two dramaturgs were Katarina Pejovic and myself.  The project started off as a Tinderbox Writers Lab exploring literary and cultural translation. We visited each others countries and talked about the common issues around living and making theatre in post conflict regions and then the discussion veered towards the changes that were happening in Europe and how they were perceived from the two different viewpoints.  The writers went off to write what they wanted to write and Katarina and I put it together into a non-linear piece of polyvocal theatre which juxtaposed ideas, images and cultures. 

“… in the war torn landscape. Part poetry, part play, part meditation on war, there’s a lot packed into three vignettes, and space is made for comedy amidst the conflict angst.” (Alan in Belfast) 

Hiatus was part of an evening of three pieces under the title What We Are Made Of

"What We’re Made Of is experimental, ambitious and incredibly engaging” (Alan in Belfast) 

CUCK was created through the Tinderbox Ignition Programme, June 2017 at the MAC. Choreography by Eileen Mc Clory Dramaturgy by Hanna Slattne Performers: Ryan O'Neill and Vasiliki Stasinaki Tinderbox Theatre Company
Hiatus, Tinderbox Theatre Company

Hiatus, Tinderbox Theatre Company



In the last few years I have been developing an area of practice in Sensory Dramaturgy, exploring multimodal and interdisciplinary approaches to theatre making processes when creating performances that work dramaturgically on multiple sensory levels. This raises interesting ideas and ways to interact with an audience and what we mean by immersive theatre. The research has also led me to explore accessibility by experimenting with how to integrate audio description and British sign language into performances. 

Helen Hall Inside the Speaker. Photo Paul Marshal

Helen Hall Inside the Speaker. Photo Paul Marshal

Inside The Speaker

Helen Hall Arts, Produced Bounce Festival September 2017.

Inside the Speaker will take you on a journey of the senses. It invites you to step inside the speaker to experience music and dance differently and it welcomes you to the world of the speaker, partially sighted dancer and choreographer Helen Hall. An intimate, beautiful and provocative solo performance which will challenge they way you experience the world.

Audience feedback: 

"I became immersed into Helen’s world, a moving experience, mind and body, particularly enjoyed the sensing world and dramatic use of lighting, the performing close to the chairs in front and behind I loved."

"Amazing performance engaging all the senses, and intimacy involving the audience with the dance. Engages audience to think about themselves. Very much enjoyed the performance."

"Loved it. So glad I came to see, hear, and smell.”

The Unheard

The Unheard

The Unheard

The Unheard by Ness Haynes, John D'Arcy and Hanna Slattne

THE UNHEARD is an immersive, autobiographical theatre piece exploring living with the hidden disability of degenerative hearing loss, tinnitus - and childhood trauma - through a combination of live physical storytelling, recorded scripted scenes of the play, a carefully composed soundscape and audience interaction in and around issues of hearing and hearing loss. The audience are brought right into the experience by wearing headphones throughout and experiencing sound and conversations as  a person with hearing loss would. 

Audience Feedback from pilot project: 

“The use of headphones was very effective. Feel like I have learned more from this immersive theatre than I have from verbal and written communication alone. I thought about the people in my life that have sensory impairment”.

“More than just the physiological loss…I assumed I knew what hearing impairment was – I was wrong!”




New Writing

Facilitator of Artists' Development Programmes


I have a range of workshops for writers just starting out as well as specialised workshops for more experienced writers. 

I create bespoke programmes in the craft and process of writing for the stage,  in which participants develop a script through several drafts over time. This can also include script development workshops with actors as there is no better way to get to a final draft.  

I ran the FIREWORKS young writers programme for 10 years at Tinderbox and facilitated PRIME 2017 for the Irish Theatre Institute, a script writing programme for actors. 

In 2018 I will be one of the resident dramaturgs at the Great Plains Theatre Conference in a new play development conference in Nebraska, Omaha, US. 


My real passion is to explore the processes of thinking and working dramaturgially in different types of projects with students, theatre makers and educators. 

I do this by runnings specialised dramaturgy workshops: dramaturgy for directors and producers, interdisciplinary approaches, form and structure, production dramaturgy.  

At Tinderbox I ran the STATE OF THE ARTS dramaturgy workshop for theatre makers which covered topics such as Physical Storytelling, Queer Dramaturgy, Polyvocality and Dramaturgy decisions in Devising. 

I have lectured in dramaturgy at Goldsmiths, Queen, Ulster and Birkbeck Universities and University College Dublin.  

I have provided dramaturgy sessions for Playwright Studio Scotland and Royal Scottish Academy, University College Dublin and the Youth Theatre Association Scotland. 

Artists' Development

For the last 10 years I have facilitate the SPACE programme for the Performance Corporation, Ireland. The residency is an intensive exploration of process, collaboration and of generating new work, ideas and contacts for the future involving a diverse international multi-disciplinary team of artists. It  takes place biennially in Ireland. 

At Tinderbox I devised Writers Labs focussing on the writer in collaborations with other art forms such as choreography, video and digital, sonic arts. We explored approaches for writers in devising and the challenges of translation.  



You can contact me through the website form

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Family Plot

Family Plot by Daragh Carville.

Gordon Fulton, Susie Kelly, Frankie McCafferty and Libby Smith. Photo Phil Smyth